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Nashville, TN Movers Blog

Why Choose Nashville Movers?

by Ernest Merritt on 04/21/14

Selecting the right mover for your moving needs is very important. Moving is one of the most stressful life events and having the right mover to move you can help alleviate some of the stress. Here's how most movers operate and how we're different:

1.  When you call for a quote they only give you basic rate information and give you a low estimate of the time that it will take to do the job. They do not mention additional hidden fees. Some of which include trip, fuel or mileage fees, stair fees, long haul/carry fees, heavy item fees, assembly/reconnect fees, etc.

At Nashville Movers, we are honest! We tell you about our charges upfront. In fact, most jobs have no additional fees whatsover. We will give you a time estimate based on the average amount of time a job your size takes to do. We are not always accurate on time estimates, however, we do not lie to you to get your business.

2.  They collect your payment information in advance and often require a deposit.

We do not collect payment information in advance and no deposit is required for local moves. Payment for services are collected at the end of the job.

3. Most movers start the time clock for your move when they leave their location. That means that if they get stuck in traffic, you're already racking up a bill.

We do not start the time clock until we arrive to work for you. We do not think that you should pay for our trip to work. Does your boss pay you to drive to work?

4.  They have you sign a long moving contract before work begins. When the work is complete they bill your card (which they have on file), and give you the receipt. As you view the receipt, you may notice additional fees that no one told you about. When you inquire about those fees, they tell you that they were stated in the contract that you signed.

We have simple 12 sentence work authorization that wesk our customers to sign. The rates for services are right there in simple plain English. So, no surprises when you get the bill from us!

Choose Nashville Movers for your next move and experience great service at an affordable price!